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Click on the link below to find presentations describing the content and features of ESO. These guides are available in a number of European languages in addition to English.
Guides to using European Sources Online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESO?

European Sources Online (ESO) is an online database and information service which provides access to information on the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organisations of Europe, and on issues of importance to European researchers, citizens and stakeholders.

Want to find information on ...

  • The Treaty of Lisbon
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Turkey and the European Union
  • The economic situation in Iceland after the banking collapse
  • The role of NATO in European security
  • Implications of the global economic crisis
  • Implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
  • Where does power lie in the EU?
  • The activities of EFTA / OSCE / Council of Europe
  • Climate change
  • Energy security: Increasing reliance on Russia
  • Extraordinary rendition
  • The role of religion in Europe in the 21st century
  • European reaction to the Google Book Search initiative
  • Policy towards Roma in European countries
  • Pension reform in Europe
  • The role of Europe in the World
  • ... etc?

ESO is able to help you efficiently and easily find information on these and many other topics.

What are the key features of ESO?

  • Keep up to date with developments in the European Union and the rest of Europe. ESO is updated daily with the latest information.
  • Search the ESO database to find an expert selection of information on European topics from a very wide range of information sources - primary and official sources of information plus commentary, analysis, summaries and news from a wide range of European perspectives - in most cases offering immediate full text access.
  • Browse a unique collection of up-to-date ESO Information Guides:
  • Find the full text of Europe related articles from one of the most authoritative newspapers for European information - Financial Times - plus links to many other news sources such as EurActiv, BBC News, Deutsche Welle, Spiegel Online International, France24,Polskie Radio, PressEurop etc.
  • Receive a weekly email of new information added to ESO of relevance to you.

  • How does ESO work?

    ESO provides access to thousands of expertly selected, well known and less well known websites, documents and publications from the EU and other international organisations, national governments, think tanks, stakeholder organisations, working papers etc, full text articles from Financial Times, plus bibliographic records to key academic textbooks and periodical articles, and a series of unique Information Guides compiled by the ESO Editorial Team.

    Each information source is indexed and a ‘bibliographic record’ created for inclusion in the ESO database. You can retrieve these bibliographic records when you carry out a search in ESO. Most users of ESO search by ‘keyword’; alternatively you can search by author, title, subject number or geographic indicator. In addition, each information source is categorised by ‘source type’ and ‘source origin’, to allow for more precise searching.

    The majority of bibliographic records in ESO offer immediate access to the full text of the source listed, plus additional links to many related sources(Related urls)

    Click on the link below to open a detailed guide on how to use the service.

    How often is ESO updated?

    Content is selected every day by the ESO Editorial Team and bibliographic records are created and added to the service. These are immediately accessible via the Today link on the News and Analysis page.

    We aim to revise and update the ESO Information Guides on an annual basis and new ones are created when the need arises. Many have already been fully revised and updated in 2011.

    Who will find ESO useful?

    ESO enables you to find all types of information about Europe from the text of an EU Directive to a booklet for children, from a set of statistics to a newspaper article, from a research report to a website. Consequently, ESO is designed to help a very wide range of users to find information with a European dimension. Key users are citizens, students and researchers, government officials, NGOs, corporate and professional organisations.

    Can't I find all this information for free on the web?

    We all use a variety of services and techniques to find information. Undoubtedly general search engines, the EU's own portal EUROPA, databases such as ECLAS and news services such as EurActiv and EUObserver are all useful. However, ESO goes beyond all those means, offering you a dedicated European information service that through expert selection, a wide range of sources, powerful functionality, added value content and a coverage that goes beyond just the EU, really does offer you something more. No other source allows you to find the same range and breadth of information sources focused on Europe.

    Who do I contact for further information about ESO?

    Editorial Enquiries

    Including: What does ESO contain; How does it work; Broken links; Suggestions for content/coverage; Errors; Requests for training assistance

    Technical Support

    including: IP / Password enquiries; Speed of access; Remote access; Usage statistics; Email alert/RSS feed; Accessibility issues

    Subscription Enquiries

    Including: General subscription enquiries; Requests for trial subscriptions; Consortia deals; Why you should subscribe

    Note that subscriptions from United Kingdom HE and FE institutions and JISC Affiliate Members are administered by JISC Collections. English public libraries can subscribe via the Digital Library Licensing Service.

    Contact details

    Ian Thomson
    Executive Editor, European Sources Online
    Information Services
    Cardiff University
    PO Box 430
    Cardiff CF24 0DE
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 4262
    Email: eso@cardiff.ac.uk

    Further information

    Librarians can find further specialist information, including usage statistics, on the Librarians' Resources page.

    For subscribers in Wales a guide highlighting the ‘Wales and Europe’ section of ESO is available in English.

    Ian Thomson
    ESO Executive Editor
    Last revised: October 2011